On The Fly Map Switching

***Not Supported On All ECUs As Of Yet***
On the fly map switching allows you to switch between different boost targets and responsiveness levels. Three different levels can be setup currently.
Setup is easy through our Quick Adjustment options for Turbo Responsiveness and even Boost Target levels for all tunes in Normal and Sport modes.
Once you've setup your tune levels and flashed the vehicle on the fly map switching between the tunes is easy!
We use the cruise control buttons to switch.  Cruise control must be off and inactive on the dash in order to enter any menus.
Hold Cancel for a long press of two to three seconds.
 If you've held long enough you'll notice the tachometer is showing your current tune, 1, 2, or 3.
Use the Resume and Set buttons to move up or down in the tune selection.
Hold for a long press of two to three seconds again to set.
If you keep your V1.2 or V2 connected it will save your tune choice when you switch and automatically load you into this tune at the next key on. If you do not keep your V1.2 or V2 connected you will startup in Tune 1.
This scenario also makes it possible to use Tune 1 as a Valet mode and remove your device so it doesn't automatically set you to another tune choice at key on.
While we advise safe driving techniques for those who are racing off-road it is fully possible to map switch while the vehicle is in motion. We even shorten the length of time needed for the button press in this scenario so it's less distracting.