TunerView Lite

To Root The Head Unit:
2016-17 Models
2018-21 owners. There is a new method of rooting via the web browser. Honda Hack is what you want to use for rooting.
What you need to do after rooting:
◦ Download the TunerView Lite Android App - http://www.KTuner.com/tunerview/TunerViewLite.apk
◦ Put the app on a USB stick and plug it into the vehicle's USB port.
◦ Use Honda Installer to install the app from the USB stick.
◦ Download the latest KTuner software update, (or newer), available now from the KTuner website downloads page. Install, launch KTuner, and plug your device in to update it to the latest firmware. http://www.KTuner.com/downloads
2016-17 Models
◦ For V1.2, once connected to KTuner after updating you can find the V1.2 Special Command Menu under the Tuning menu in the software. Find BT PIN Disable and choose it. This puts the unit into a mode that's discoverable by the head unit and requires no pin to pair.
◦ For V2 users after you've updated you'll find BT PIN as an option on the main menu of the V2 device. Choose disable from the BT PIN menu to program it into the required mode.
◦ Pair from your head unit.
◦ Launch the TunerView Lite App.
2018-21 Models
◦ You'll need to install version of the KTuner software, or later. Grab the current version from www.KTuner.com/downloads
◦ After installing it will ask to update your firmware once you plug the KTuner unit in. Make sure you have good power and do so.
◦ For V1.2 once updated and connected again you'll need to select Enable BT PIN Advanced In the Special V1.2 Commands under Tools menu.
◦ For V2 under BT PIN on the main menu choose Enable Adv.
◦ After it completes reset power to the unit by unplugging both USB and OBD sides.
◦ Plug it back into the OBD side only and key on to full key on or start the vehicle.
◦ On your head unit run the TunerView Lite app, go to connect in the TunerView menu, and choose search to show BT devices. Choose the KTuner unit on the right. If all is well it should connect!
Follow our guides to use the menu and connect.