V1.2 Reflashing The ECU

Uploading a modified tune. If you have downloaded your current tune, opened a tune file, or selected a basemap from the list of basemaps when you select the “New” option from the File menu you’re ready to make changes. After you make changes to your file it’s recommended you save a copy either by selecting “Save” or “Save As” from the File menu. When you’re ready to upload make sure the engine is not running and the key is turned on. Make sure the status in the status bar says “Connected” or “Logging”.
Initiate Upload. Press the Up Arrow in the toolbar to initiate your upload.
Erase ECU. You should see the status bar update to say “Erasing ECU”.
Reflash Progress. After a successful erasure the status bar will become a progress bar letting you know what percentage of completion your reflash is currently at.
Reflash Complete. Once the reflash is complete a popup will appear asking you to follow some final directions, normally keying off and keying on before hitting OK. This is to cycle the ECU after the new tune has been uploaded.
Success! If you’ve followed the final steps you should be able to start the vehicle.