V2 Flashing Tunes

After entering the main menu and tapping the functions menu (KTuner logo) you'll be presented with options including "Flash".
Entering the Flash menu gives you the following options:
Unlock if you're on factory software or have never flashed the ECU.
Clear Tunes to reset the tunes on the unit so you can reload them from scratch.
Factory Tune to flash back to factory at any time.
Tune 1 through Tune 10 to Flash in any of the tunes you've uploaded to the unit.
After selecting a tune to flash in you'll be prompted whether you want to flash or not. It will also show the description you set. If you hit Yes the flash process will begin. Do not disconnect or interrupt this process.
If the unit can't flash the vehicle an error will be reported on the screen. If you end up in recovery mode the unit will attempt to recover you.
During a flash errors will be shown on the dash. This is completely normal.
If you have driver assist technology packages some errors may stay until the vehicle is driven for a time so the modules can re-initialize. They lose communication during a flash and Honda stays on the safe side to not allow these to engage without passing checks during initialization.