V2 Locking To/Unlocking From An ECU

Do not buy a locked unit. As a non-original owner you cannot purchase an additional license to have the unit unlocked.
Upon connecting to an ECU with an unregistered KTuner unit you will be asked if you want to lock the unit to the ECU. Click Yes on the screen to begin the locking process.
Connecting In KTuner
When you connect a locked unit to the KTuner software it will ask you to add the unit to the system. You must be on the internet to register the unit and also lock the unit to the ECU. Once you’ve registered the KTuner unit it will then prompt you in the software to lock to the ECU. Please read the information carefully before you agree and proceed.
The KTunerFlash V2 can be unlocked in the event you are going to sell your unit by reverting to factory via the Flash menu and then choosing Unlock after the flash to factory was successful. If you've never flashed the vehicle or previously returned to factory you will also see the Unlock option available.
Verifying It's Unlocked
If you disconnect the unit from the vehicle and then connect it to the software without the vehicle connected you should see the message below. If you're trying to sell the unit make sure to send them this message in a photo as proof the unit is unlocked.
If it instead asks you to lock to an ECU and you're not connected to a vehicle this means the unit is not unlocked.