V2 Uploading A Tune To KTunerFlash

V2 Uploading A Tune To KTunerFlash
After hitting the up arrow to upload basecode and responding to the upload message you'll be prompted with the
Flash window which allows you to Flash Now or upload the tune to a tune slot of your choice.

Tune Description

1. Tune Description
Enter a short tune description that will be displayed when the unit asks if you want to flash a tune in. This will help you identify which tune is which if you forget by tune number alone.

Flash Now

2. Flash Now
Flash Now to immediately begin flashing the ECU through the KTunerFlash V2 device, as a pass-through.

Tune Slot Selection

3. Tune Slot Selection
Upload to a tuning slot to flash later directly from the device!


4. Cancel
Choose this if you don't intend to upload or flash in the current tune.