KTuner for 13-17 Accord V6

KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.

Dyno Testing Results Can Be Found At The Bottom Of The Page

What are my options?
KTunerFlash V1.2 End User System – Hardware/software. Datalog And Make Your Own Changes! – $449

• KTunerFlash V2 End User System – All-In-One Display/Flash Hardware+Software. Datalog and make your own changes – $649

How do I get KTuner?
• Contact a dealer for dealer testing or to order a KTuner kit.

Part numbers for usable ECUs include:

North America Accord V6
2013 MT 37820-5G2-A01 through A05
2014-15 MT 37820-5G2-A11 through A13
2016-17 MT 37820-5G2-A21 through A23
2013-15 AT 37820-5G0-A51 through A57
37820-5G0-A61 through A67
37820-5G0-A71 through A76
37820-5G1-L51 through L55
37820-5G1-L61 through L64
37820-5G1-L71 through L74
37820-5G0-A11 through A14
37820-5G0-A21 through A24
37820-5G0-A31 through A34
37820-5G1-L11 through L14
37820-5G1-L21 through L24
37820-5G1-L31 through L34
2016-17 AT 37820-5G0-A01 through A05
37820-5G0-A41 through A45
37820-5G0-A81 through A85
37820-5G0-A91 through A95
37820-5G1-L01 through L03
37820-5G1-L41 through L43
37820-5G1-L81 through L83
37820-5G1-L91 through L93
Crosstour AT 37820-R53-A51 through A55
37820-R53-A71 through A75
37820-5G0-K51 through K55
37820-5G0-K61 through K63
37820-5G0-M51 through M54
37820-5G0-R51 through R53
37820-5G0-X51 through X53
37820-5G0-X61 through X63
37820-5G0-X71 through X72
37820-5G0-X81 through X82
37820-5G0-Y11 through Y13
37820-5G0-Y21 through Y23
37820-5G0-Y31 through Y33
37820-5G0-Y91 through Y92
37820-5G3-W51 through W54
37820-5G6-U51 through U53

KTuner feature matrix for 13-16 Accord V6 (BETA means the feature is currently in testing phases):

Feature Final BETA End User Dealer Tuning Reflash
Real-Time Logging X X X
Real-Time Tuning Mode X X
Injector Sizing (MT Only) X X X X
Ignition/Fuel Tuning X X X X
Knock Tuning X X X X
Throttle Control Maps X X X X
Rev Limiter Settings X X X X
2-Step Settings X X X X
Custom Map Sensor Support (MT Only) X X X
Speed Density Fueling (MT Only) X X X
Expanded Tables For Boost (MT Only) X X X
VTEC Window Control X X X X
Closed Loop Control X X X X
Disable Sensors X X X X
VCM Disable (V6 AT) X X X X
Fuel Cut Parameters X X X X
Fuel Correction Parameters X X X X
Ignition Correction Parameters X X X X
Idle Control Parameters X X X X

Includes reflash maps covering up to Intake, RV6 PCDs, and Exhaust.
Tuned reflashes recommend 91+ octane.
Speed limiter completely removed. Please adhere to your tire speed limitations and note this feature is for off-road use only.

Dyno Testing:
Tuned at 1100ft on 91 octane.
Bottom red dashed line is factory with factory tune. Best baseline run.
Middle green dashed line introduces K&N intake with factory tune.
Top blue line is intake with KTuner tune. Intake + Tune.
Click for a larger view.
2013 Accord
The graph below shows factory baseline to final tune with intake.
2013 Accord