Here are some of the frequently asked questions about KTuner:

Is it safe to buy a used KTuner kit?
Yes, as long as it’s unlocked. Have the seller prove that the unit is unlocked by showing the message that states the unit has been unlocked. If you buy a unit that isn’t unlocked it cannot be unlocked without the original vehicle.

Do you support 02-04 RSX ECUs?
Not at this time. We utilize 05-06 RSX ECUs which can run 02-04 RSX applications for research and development when used in conjunction with a conversion harness.

I’m doing a K swap, can I use KTuner?
Absolutely. On Pre-OBD2 vehicles and off-road use only race vehicles you can use a newer harness (03 Element, 05-06 RSX) when putting together your K swap. You can also use any 02-04 harness with the addition of a conversion harness for the newer pinouts. **NOTE when using the conversion harness some 02-04 swap harnesses cause the vehicle to remain running after key off. Cutting the wire at location A22 on the 02-04 side of the conversion harness will fix this issue.

Does anyone offer a swap conversion harness for EG/EK/DC?
Hasport has created a great swap conversion harness available for use with KTuner. Please inquire with their offices for more information.

What’s the best ECU to get?
Depending on what outputs you need the 05-06 PRB, who’s part numbers are mentioned on the Swap/RSXapplication page, or the KTuner Swap ECU available through all of our dealers will handle most applications.