KTuner for 03-05 Accord i4 Automatic and Manual

KTuner is for off-road research and development testing only. Every vehicle should be flashed back to factory before being driven on a public road.

What are my options?
KTunerECU End User System – Hardware/software. Datalog and make your own changes – $449
• KTunerFlash Units Are Not Compatible With These ECUs

How do I get KTuner?
• Contact a dealer for dealer testing or to order a KTuner kit.

What’s required?
• 03-04 Accords must use an ECU from a 2005 Accord model or factory replacement ECU.
• Your factory 05 Accord (Non-Euro) ECU can be modified by a dealer to accept a reflash or an end user KTuner system.
• You can also order a prepared ECU from any of our dealers.

Will anything change?
• If using an ECU other than factory the immobilizer light on the dashboard will flash. You can disable the immobilizer in the software and unplug the immobilizer unit to prevent flashing on the dashboard or you can have the ECU sync’d to your immobilizer at any Honda/Acura dealer. *If you have already locked your KTuner unit to the ECU unlock it before they sync the immobilizer or tell them not to change the ECU VIN number. If they change the VIN number the KTuner unit will no longer communicate with the ECU if it’s locked to the previous VIN already.*

Part numbers for usable ECUs include:
37820-RAD-A01 through A04
37820-RAD-L01 through L04

37820-RAD-A51 through A54
37820-RAD-A61 through A64
37820-RAD-L51 through L54

Automatic ECUs will run a manual vehicle with no issues.

KTuner feature matrix for 03-05 Accord (BETA means the feature is currently in testing phases):

Feature Release BETA End User Dealer Tuning Reflash
Real-Time Logging X X X
Injector Sizing X X X X
Ignition/Fuel Tuning X X X X
VTC Tuning X X X X
Knock Tuning X X X X
Rev Limiter Settings X X X X
2-Step Settings X X X X
Custom Map Sensor Support X X X
Expanded Tables For Boost X X X
VTEC Window Control X X X X
Closed Loop Control X X X X
Disable Sensors X X X X
Disable Immobilizer X X X X
Fuel Cut Parameters X X X X
Fuel Correction Parameters X X X X
Ignition Correction Parameters X X X X
Idle Control Parameters X X X X

Speed Limiter removed. Please adhere to your tire speed limitations and note this feature is for off-road use only.