17+ Civic Type-R

Currently Supported ECUs

North America
2017-18 37820-5BF-A01 through A04
2019 37820-5BF-A21 through A22
2020-21 37820-5BF-A31 through A34
37820-5BF-E01 through E03
37820-5BF-J01 through J03
37820-5BF-M01 through M03
37820-5BF-X01 through X03

Your Type-R ECU Must Be Unlocked In Order To Tune!
How do I order?

  • *Do Not Send Your ECU In Unless You’ve Scheduled It With Us First!
  • *Only Send The ECU, Not The Plastic Cover.
  • *Do Not Use Packing Peanuts That Aren’t Static Safe.
  • *KTunerFlash V1.2 is now available for $699 including unlock and overnight shipping in the United States.
  • *KTunerFlash V2 is available for $899 including unlock and overnight shipping in the United States.
  • *Kits can be ordered with the unlock included directly through dealers who offer it.
  • *If you ordered through a dealer you also need to send them a copy of your form so they can forward it to us as an order confirmation.
  • *The cost of unlocking separately if you don’t purchase as a kit is $250 and that includes return overnight shipping in the United States.
  • *You will need to fill out our form once you have an order. Submit a copy via email and one printed included in the package with your ECU.
  • *Email Info@KTuner.com the completed form to schedule your ECU to be sent in once you have an order.
  • http://www.KTuner.com/guides/KTunerTypeR.pdf

How long will it take to get my ECU back?
We will be able to get all scheduled incoming ECUs out the same day they’re received.

Who will be supported?

  • We plan to support not only all FK8s worldwide, but also FK2 owners as well.
  • This week we are rolling out support for United Stated Type-R owners.
  • Precision Auto Canada is our dealer in Canada who will be able to perform unlocks for the Canadian market.
  • We have dealers established who are unlocking for regions in Europe and regions in Asia.

What tunes will be included?

  • The stage 0 tune adding 20whp and 35wtq.
  • The stage 1 tune adding 50whp, more in the low-midrange, and 65wtq.
  • The stage 1 dampened low end tune adding 50whp, more in the low-midrange, and dampens low RPM torque.
  • The stage 1 dampened first gear tune adding 50whp, more in the low-midrange, and 65wtq. This tune dampens first gear torque to help with traction.
  • The multi-stage 1 tune is close to factory in comfort mode, stage 0 in sport mode, and stage 1 in +R mode making it easy to switch between tune levels with the mode button.
  • 91+ Octane required, 93 suggested.
  • Our stage 2 is already in development.

Can I get custom tuning done?
Yes. We have included the necessities of tuning to start off this platform without an overwhelming amount of tables. We will be including additional tables with updates.

Flash back to factory or between tunes at any time!

How to get in touch!!!
We know there are going to be a lot of excited members out there, but we would like to keep our phone lines open for support calls. If you’re interested in KTuner for the Type-R please contact us via email only. Info@KTuner.com

Thank you for understanding. We’re looking forward to working one on one with a lot of you! I hope everyone is as excited as we are!

Dyno Results:

Stage 0:
20whp, 35wtq

Stage 1:
50whp, 65wtq

Stage 1 vs PRL Full Bolt-on Tune:
Full Bolt-on Type-R